How to use Qintil to store and manage all of your courses and achievements

You can store all of your course results, certificates, qualifications and CPD activities in Qintil.  It means that you can store all of your professional skills records digitally in one place where you can easily find them and share them with employers or professional bodies.

Adding achievements

Results from courses that you complete inside Qintil are automatically recorded in your Achievements folder.

To add an achievement from outside Qintil, go to My Achievements and select Add New Achievement.

In the box, you can enter details about your achievement.  An achievement can be anything that recognises a skill or qualification that you have gained.  For example, online courses, reading journals, attendance at a conference, a classroom course or a college degree.

Enter the achievement title, date attained, category, the name of the provider, a description of the outcome and what you learned, the time spent and then upload evidence such as a Certificate.

If you want to keep the achievement Private (it is not shared with anyone when you share your Achievements folder), make sure you tick the Hide entry box.

Manage your achievements

Your achievement folder will grow to include a record of all of your courses and other achievements.

You can edit any item by clicking on the Pencil icon.
You can delete an achievement by clicking on the red Delete icon.
You can add or view evidence by clicking on the Paperclip icon
You can view and download certificates by clicking on the Star icon
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