How to set up your Qintil ID

Creating or connecting your account if you've been invited by your employer

If your employer uses Qintil to manage their workplace learning, you'll need to accept their invitation to join so you can access their learning.

You'll receive an email that looks like this (Note: if you have not received an email, please ask your manager to send it again)

Click on the button to start the setup process.  You'll open a web page that looks like this

If you know that you already have a Qintil account, click on "Yes, I have"  You'll be directed to a login page where you can use your normal login credentials or single sign on (Facebook, LinkedIn) to immediately connect your account.

If you do not have a Qintil account, click on "No, this is my first time"  You'll be directed to an account creating page where you can sign up for a Qintil ID.

Complete the details, or click on a social media icon to sign up using Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail.
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