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How to let a user retake a Completed course before it expires

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

Learn how to allow a user retake a completed course before it expires

When a learner completes a course, the status of this course becomes Completed and it remains for a certain number of months, which is usually a 12 month period but it can be changed.

You can change it under the Courses menu by selecting the specific course you want to modify and going to the Course Settings tab.

At the period of expiry, the status of the course automatically goes from Completed to Not Started so learners can retake the course. This means a learner has to wait before a course expires to take the course again.

Depending on your configuration, this means you could end up with learners who are non-compliant only because they were unable to retake a course before the expiry date.

To avoid such situation, you can allow learners to manually reset their courses before they expire. Follow the instructions below on how to do so.

Click on the Organisation tab

Go to the Organisation Preferences section of the page. Click the drop-down menu beside 'Learners can reset courses' and select one from the options.

If you select "Only when course has expired" ; learners are not able to do a manual reset and must wait for the expiry date.

If you select "# weeks before expiry" (where # can be 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12), then your learners can manually reset their courses according to # of weeks chosen.

If you select "At any time" , then your learners can reset their courses whenever they want to.

We will email the learner to let them know when a course is available for them to resit so that they can get a head start.

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Updated on: 18/12/2023

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