Learn about Documents that your admin has asked or required you to read

Aside from learning, storage of your achievements and checks, you can now read and download
documents uploaded in Qintil.

Your administrator will set it as ‘required’ or ‘available’.

Viewing / reading documents

Required documents

To see your required documents, go to ‘Overview’.

Below the Achievements tab, you will see ‘Required Reading’ tab.

Click on the download icon to view and read the file. After reading, you can mark the file as ‘read’ by
clicking the check icon.

When you have read your required documents, it will automatically appear on your administrator’s

Available Documents

Your administrator or manager can also make documents available to you so that you can choose
whether or not to view them.

To read your available courses, go to ‘My Courses’ tab.

There is no ‘mark as read’ icon because it is not a required document but you can still view and
download the document.

Checking read documents

To check all your read documents, go to My Courses.

Click the tab beside Personal.

If there is still any confusion or other questions, you can send us a chat through the blue chatbox on bottom right of the website.

Hope this helps.
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