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How to view and read Docs

Learn about Documents your admin has assigned to you or required you to read

Aside from learning, skill-enhancing, storage of your achievements and checks, you can now read and download documents uploaded in Qintil by your organisation.

Your administrator will set it as ‘required’ or ‘available’.

Reading required and non-mandatory documents

Required documents

To view your required documents, go to the ‘Overview’ tab.

Once a required document has been assigned to you, it will appear in the not compliant section of your overview page.

Click open to view and read the document. Once you have finished reading, go back to the Qintil page and mark the document as read by clicking the check icon:

Once you have read all your required documents, you will be now marked as compliant. We will also automatically notify your administrator.

Non-mandatory documents

Your administrator or manager can also make documents non-mandatory documents to you. You can view and read it anytime without affecting your compliance status.

To read your non-mandatory documents, go to ‘My Tasks’ tab.

It will be listed with the other read documents on your account. Once you're done reading, click the check icon:

Checking read documents

To check all your read documents, go to My Tasks tab. Scroll down to see the documents and other files you have read.

If there is any confusion or question, send us a chat through the chat box on the bottom right of the website and we will be more than happy to help.

Updated on: 26/05/2022

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