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Qintil Training Manager

Qintil Training Manager

Training Manager can be used to create, deliver and sell your training materials.

To set up your account, please follow the tooltips provided within your Training Manager account.

Add Users and Instructors

To add additional users and instructors to your Training Manager account, press Profile then Add Users. Users can be provided with Full, Creator or Instructor access.

Add Users

Create a new course

To create a new course, simply select Create New Course on the upper right part of the page.

You will then be able to customise your course. Upload the Course Image then edit the Course Title and Course Code.

On the lower part of the course customisation page, you will find three tabs: Lessons, Course Settings, and Store Listing.

On the Lessons tab, add an introduction then select Add Lesson.

A small box will appear showing the types of lessons that can be added.

For a guide on the different types of lessons that you can add to your course, please refer to this helpdesk article:

Course Settings

This is where you can find the Certificate Settings. Just tick the box where it says Issue Certificate to see the options under Certificate Settings.

Certificate Settings

Under the Certificate Settings, you can add the name of the Person of Authority, the Title of the Person of Authority, upload a digital signature of the Person of Authority, add an additional information about the course on the certificate, and preview the customisations that you have applied to the certificate.

Do not issue a certificate for courses completed on an external website.

Store Listing

This is where you can set up how you would like your course to appear in the Qintil Course Store.

Course Description

Here is where you can enter the course description that you would like the Qintil Course Store visitors to see when they view your listing.


Add keywords based on the Industries, Categories, and Tags associated with your course in this section so that it could be easily searched by the course store visitors.


You may choose to publish your listing as a Free Course, set up the price by enquiry only, use a Predefined Pricing Level, or add a Custom Pricing in this section.

Lastly, to make the course available either to a certain organisation or to everyone who will visit the Course Store, you need to click Publish Course.

Updated on: 24/08/2021

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