The New Learning Manager Dashboard

The New Learning Manager Dashboard

The new dashboard would give you a quick view of your team/organisations' training progress.

You can filter the data that you would like to see by team or location in your organisation by clicking the filter box and selecting the names of the teams or locations that you would like to view.

An overview of the number of users and their compliance is also available in the dashboard. The boxes showing this data is also a shortcut to the users menu where you can get a more detailed information of the learners' compliance.


In the learning section of the dashboard, you would be able to track the number of your active learners, the total course completions and the total number of learning hours. You can also filter the data depending on the specific time duration that you would like to view.

Training Sessions for the Day

This is a section where you can easily see all training session scheduled for the day.


In this section, you would see a to-do list of tasks that requires your immediate attention. Clicking the reminders would direct you to the Courses Menu where you can perform the to-do tasks.

Upcoming Sessions

You would also see a calendar that you can look up for any upcoming training sessions.

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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