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Your compliance status in Qintil

Understanding the compliance features

If your employer uses Qintil to set your learning activity, they may require you to do some 'required' or 'mandatory' courses to become compliant .

This means that these courses are mandatory or required for your job role and location.

Until you didn't complete all these courses, and with remining "In Progress" courses, you will be classed as being non-compliant .

Your employer sets these courses as being mandatory for you, not Qintil.  If you have any questions
about them, you must speak to your employer.

Expiry and resetting

Your courses may be valid once complete for only a period of months. 12 months is typical, but it may be
longer or shorter - again this is set by your employer.

When a course is due to expire, we'll notify you with an email and with notifications in the Qintil app.

You can reset a course and start it before it expires so that you stay compliant. Your employer chooses
how soon you can do this.

If you have further questions regarding your compliance status, please send us a message through the chatbox located at the bottom right of the website.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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