Add, manage and share all of your right to work and professional registrations in Qintil

As well as your learning and qualifications achievements, you can also store and share your professional registrations and right to work documents in Qintil.

Go to My Achievements

Select the Checks and Licenses tab.

You can view and edit existing records by clicking the pencil icon, or delete them with the red cross (x).

To add a new entry, click \+ Add Entry

When you Share your achievements, you'll be able to share your Right to Work documents as well.  If you do not want to share a document, select the option to Hide this Entry when you add a document, or click Edit (pencil icon) on an existing entry to hide it before sharing.

When your employer asks you to provide such evidence, you'll receive an email from them alerting you - we'll also alert you when one of your checks or licenses is expiring.

Your required checks and licenses will appear on your learner dashbaord.  Just click 'Add' to upload your document.
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