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Confirming Shifts

Confirming shifts

Once you have created a Booking, a record will be created for each shift, and shifts will be made available to eligible employees to request and book. Click into the record to view employee matches and view or edit details. You can filter the bookings page to find employees by name or bookings by status, client, grade, location and various other filter options. You can also filter by booking dates and to show shifts created by client portal.

Managing bookings requested via the app

When an employee requests or books a shift in the app, the status will change to pending or confirmed. If your client setting is that confirmation is required, then employees can only request shifts. To see requested shifts, click into filters on the Bookings page and select Status, then Requested

Shifts that are requested have an info panel for each employee showing their rating and how many times they've worked there before. Click Pending to set the shift state if you are waiting for your client to confirm a candidate, and confirm to finalise the booking with that employee.

You can set a Pending or Confirmed status to more thane shift at a time by selecting all bookings and using the Actions button

When you set a shift as Pending for one or more employee, the shift is no longer visible in the app

You can add a status filter for Pending to show all bookings in the pending status

Quickly assign employees to bookings

If you know who you want to assign to shifts, you can quickly assign them from the Bookings main page.

1/ Filter the bookings page to find the shifts you want to assign, and select each booking you want to assign to a single employee
2/ Choose from the Actions dropdown Assign Shifts
3/ In Assign To search for the name of the employee and select
4/ Confirm that you are assigning the number of shifts to the employee by selecting Assign

Options for matching employees to bookings

There are several ways to match employees to bookings.

Option 1: Offer multiple shifts to matching employees from the bookings main page

1/ Filter the bookings page to find the shifts you want to offer, and select each booking you want to offer to a matched employees
2/ In the open Offer Shifts dialogue choose from the available options to narrow your matching. The first two options are pre-set and cannot be changed, meaning that the shift(s) won't be offered to employees who are already booked or on leave or who are are on the clients' exclusion list.

You can choose to edit the other options to expand or narrow your matching. Edit the distance option to change the default distance (calculated by Google Maps) from the employees' home address to the clients' address.

You can choose to send an App Notification or SMS to all matching employee's with a link to their Qintil App to view and accept or decline the shift.

Option 2: Match each booking individually

Use this option to be more selective with your matching.

1/ Open the booking from the main window. The booking page has 2 tabs. The first tab shows the booking details.
2/ Select the Candidates tab to show candidates for your booking. Staffing Manager will match employees based on their Score. Employees are scored for each booking based on several criteria:

Their distance from the client based on home address
Their compliance with the shift requirements and right to work
Their availability (if known)
Their familiarity (how many times they have previously worked at the same client)
Their utilisation (how many shifts they've worked from their declared availability in the previous 30 days

To help you choose, you can order each column by clicking on it's title to re-order the list. You can also add a filter or a combination of filters to show employees who have worked at the client before, who are on a specific List or who are shown as available or not.

Select the employees you wish to offer the shift to, and click the Action button to display the dialogue. You cannot send an SMS to all selected employees and the shift will appear in their Qintil App to view and accept or decline.

Depending upon whether your client has auto-confirm set or turned off, employees who accept a shift will be automatically confirmed or the booking will be set to offer pending for you to confirm.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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