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Managing shift times and public holidays

Shift times are used as default settings when creating a booking so that regularly used shift patterns have start and finish times defined automatically. You can change times in the booking or add custom times.

Public holidays can be set to apply public holiday pay and charge rates automatically when creating bookings.

Setting up and managing shift times

1/ In Settings, click on Shift Times
2/ Click Add to create a new shift time
3/ Give the shift a name (such as Early)
4/ Set the shift start and end times in 24hr clock e.g. 8pm is 20:00

You edit can shift times and their names at any time. Changes will appear in all bookings created thereafter.

Press Save to confirm your shift times. They will now appear in the Booking Entry screen and throughout the system.

Setting up public holidays

1/ In Settings, click on Holidays
2/ Only future public holidays already setup will show - past holidays re removed automatically
3/ Click Add Holiday
4/ Choose the date of the holiday
5/ Leave blank to apply for all Regions (Christmas Day for eg) or choose Regions to set up local public holidays. You can choose more than one region.

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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