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Managing clients

Clients in Staffing Manager are external organisations which book your Employees. Add a client by clicking on the Add Client button on the top of the page. In the open Add Client entry, you can also add a Parent client and Tags to help you organise and manage your clients.

You can search for any single client (or anything else in Staffing Manager, such as employees, bookings and timesheets) using the main search bar at the top of the page.

All clients can be viewed from the main menu. The clients main page shows a list of all clients. The list may default to 'Active' clients only with the Active Client filter applied. To show all clients, delete the Active filter.

Active filter

You can choose to further filter the list of clients by selecting any one or a mix of filters from the filter menu.

Once you have made your selection, you can make further actions using the Actions button. Selecting ALL by clicking the top box, or manually selecting those records you wish to action, choose which action to take.

Use these actions to email or SMS the selected clients, create a client List, and add or remove a Client Tag

The Client Record

The Client Record includes a side bar containing basic details, contacts and notes and a main window with tabs for different displaying information.

Once in a record, cycle through clients using the arrows button at the top of the window. This will cycle through all clients shown on the main page. if filtered you can cycle through the filtered list. Click the Arrow to return to the main window.

The Side Bar

Manager: the admin user who is responsible for managing the client
Locality: The region and area of the client. Inherited from Address. Essential for matching bookings to employees based on distance
Address: Start typing an address and Staffing Manager will fetch a Google Maps address - select the correct address for maps and distances to be displayed
Tags: Add tags to segment clients in filters and reports
Notes: Record any persistent notes here - additional notes can be added in Contact Log. Add Warning to display an alert every time the Client is viewed.
Contacts: record the name, job title, email and phone number of all client contacts.

The Main Client Record

The Bookings tab displays a list of all bookings for the Client. If the Client record is for a Parent Client, then all bookings for all Child Clients will be displayed.

Click on Actions to send an email to the Client with selected shifts

Select Booking Settings to show extra options.

By default, Staffing Manager will automatically confirm bookings once allocated. Turn this off if you'd like to confirm with the Client first. You'll have to manually confirm the shift in this instance.

The Timesheets Tab shows all timesheets for the Client, or if a Parent Client, all Child Clients.

Select Actions to email selected timesheets.

Select Timesheet Settings to add extra information. You can choose to add email addresses to send timesheets separately from with invoices.

You can choose when to send timesheets.

The Invoices Tab shows all invoices for the Client and Child Clients if a Parent.

Select Actions to email selected invoices or to export as a CSV file.

Open Invoice Settings for extra options.

If selected, Single Invoice for all shifts will collate all shifts into one invoice. Otherwise an invoice will be created for each shift.
Payment terms can be set here
Add email addresses to send invoices.
Choose to require a purchase order to be entered when adding a Booking
Expand Export Fields to add and edit Sage Accounting references

The Contact Log tab includes a Call Log and email log for communication recording.

Choose a contact and click Call to dial from your device. Write notes and save to record the call.

The Employees tab includes information for Requirements and Exluded employees.

Add Employee Requirements for shifts requirements that will apply for all Bookings. These requirements will be added to all Bookings by default and will be used to match Bookings to Employees who have these Requirements

Add Excluded Employees to prevent Employees from being matched to Bookings at the Client. You can choose to add a reason for the Employee being excluded.

The Rates tab shows pay and charge rates for the Client's Bookings.

Select Inherit from Parent to use the rates set for the Parent Client. If the Parent Client rates are updated, the rates in Child Clients will be updated too.

Use Preset to select a predefined set of rates

Choose Custom to enter unique pay and charge rates.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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