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Setting up Shift Requirements

Shift Requirements can be used to match bookings to employees with skills and right to work needs. They can include learning from your Learning Manager account and right to work items from Recruitment Manager. To use them with clients, bookings and employees, first set them up here.

There are two types of Requirement:

Manual Requirements are created and added to records on an individual basis. They could be things like work settings, skills, experience and types of work.

Automatic Requirements are inherited from Learning Manager and / or Recruitment Manager. They include training courses, e-learning and right to work docs. Multiple items can be bundled into a single requirement.

Adding a Requirement

In Shift Requirements, click Add and choose either Manual or Automatic.

For a manual requirement, simply enter the name of the requirement and Save.

For an automatic requirement, choose a requirement name (remembering that you can add multiple courses and checks into one requirement)

Add as many courses and / or checks & licenses to the requirement as you like by clicking each one in the appropriate dropdown box.

For example, you could create a requirement that includes everything an employee needs to have up to date in order to work shifts and call it Basic Right to Work.

When you have set up Requirements, you can add them to Clients as default Requirements so that they're applied automatically for every booking created.

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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