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Create and manage Bookings

Introduction to Bookings

Bookings are Shifts that can be created in Staffing Manager for a Client, and then matched to an Employee as a Shift for them to work. A Booking can include multiple Shifts on different days.

Creating a Booking

You can create a new Booking by clicking on the Add Booking icon at the top of the page.

This action will create a drop down to quickly add a Booking. Click on Advanced to expand the Box to show more options such as Requirements ad Notes.

You now have various options to create Bookings.

Create a single booking or multiple bookings for the same grade and the same shift time on the same day or on different days

Moving from left to right in the New Booking dialogue:

1/ Select the number of shifts to create (1 shift equals 1 employee needed)
2/ Select the Grade of employee required
3/ Select the Client (Start typing the Client Name to quickly select)
4/ Select the shift time from pre-defined drop down list OR choose Custom Shift Time to enter your own time
5/ Select the Calendar icon and choose a single date or click on multiple dates to add multiple repeats of the shift. If you make a mistake, click on the selected date(s) to remove

OR you can create the shift to repeat on a day of the week by choosing Repeating Dates. This will change the entry dialogue to allow you create the number of shifts selected in step 1 for the grade selected in part 2 at the time set in part 3 on a specific day of the week for a defined period of time (set using the from and to date picker.

The Pay and Charge rate are automatically set based on the Client rate card. If no rate card is set, click advanced to add rates. The charge rate must be greater than the pay rate

6/ Advanced options are available if you need them. They allow you to set additional Requirements for the Employee, choose a different Client contact and add an area for the employee to work (such as a Ward or Department - this will appear on the Employee booking notification). You can also add additional notes for the employee (instructions once at the Client site, or warnings for example) and you can add Internal Notes visible to Staffing Manager admin users only.

7/ Once every field is completed, you can add the shift with the following options.

Click Add to add the shift and do nothing else (the Shifts will be added to the Bookings page and you can continue to match, offer and sign from there)
Click the arrow to display extra options
Add and Duplicate will create another identical version of the booking you have just created
Add and Assign will immediately open the Matching Dialogue to help you quickly assign an employee to the shifts

Add a Pre-Assigned Shift

To add a Shift with a Client that you have already assigned an Employee (on a phone call for example) select Add pre-assigned shift at the top of the Bookings page.

Complete all relevant fields within the Add pre-assigned shift dialogue to complete the Booking.

Before you click Save, untick the box if you do not want to send a confirmation email immediately once the shift is created. The client will be sent a confirmation email if their settings enable that - otherwise you'll have to manually confirm.

Managing and editing the Booking

Once created, your shift(s) will appear in the Booking main window. You can filter and order this list using the filter box and column arrows in the window, and show shifts between date ranges using the date pickers.

Click on the Booking to enter the Booking page.

You can edit the booking here using the options on the side bar.

You can also mark the shift as cancelled or withdrawn.

Now move on Match, Offer and Complete the booking (click to see how)

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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