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Timesheet Processing

Once a shift has been worked, a timesheet is created automatically. Process a timesheet to generate payroll and invoicing.

The Timesheets main page

The Timesheets page shows all timesheets for the current week by default. You can change the date range at the top of the page to show timesheets from a different period. You can also add a filter to show the timesheets you want to see based on any combination of Timesheet Status, Grade, Locality, Region and Manager.

Timesheets have different statuses:

No Timesheet: A timesheet has been created for the shift but the employee has not completed it
Submitted: A timesheet has been submitted by the employee and is waiting to be processed by you
Approved: The timesheet has been approved and completed
Invoiced: The timesheet has been converted to an invoice and the employee's payroll

Processing a Timesheet

Click into a Timesheet. Once in a timesheet you can use the arrows at the top of the page to quickly cycle through each timesheet.
The Shift details box on the left of the page shows the Client, Grade, Employee and Scheduled Time of the booking. The actual worked hours may be different.

A timesheet that has been submitted will have the actual time recorded by the Employee along with any breaks and travel distance claimed.

The employee can choose to upload a picture of their paper timesheet or have it digitally signed. Either the image or the digital signature will be present. If no file has been uploaded you can upload a Missing Timesheet Approval to complete processing the timesheet.

The hours that have been entered will be set in the approval box on the right of the page.

Check the hours against what is on the timesheet and edit if required.
The pay and charge rate have been inherited from the booking - you can edit both rates if required.
Finally, you can edit or add the expenses amount.

You may add Notes the timesheet if you wish.

Press Approve to finalise the timesheet, and move on to the next one.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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