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Managing Employees

Employees in Staffing Manager are people who you have approved to work Bookings. Add an Employee by clicking on the Add button on the top of the page. In the open Add Employee entry, you can choose an existing Employee from Learning Manager or Recruitment Manager.

You can search for any Employee (or anything else in Staffing Manager, such as Clients, Bookings and Timesheets) using the main search bar at the top of the page.

All Employees can be viewed from the main menu. The Employees main page shows a list of all Employees, their Grade, Location, Manager, If the have Shifts this week or are Available and their Active Status. The list may default to 'Active' clients only with the Active Employee filter applied in Status. To show all clients, delete the Active filter.

The colour coding on the Employee Page shows new employees' activity status. It helps you see if a newly added employee (in the last 3 months) is working or not, and you can filter by Working Status to highlight inactive workers who you can then focus and contact

The icons next to an employee show compliance status and app status. A green tick means they are ready to work. A red icon means they have courses that have expired, a yellow triangle warns that courses will expire in the next 30 days. A mobile phone icon shows whether they have the app on their phone and if it has notifications enabled.

You can choose to further filter the list of Employees by selecting any one or a mix of filters from the filter menu. You can use filters to show Employees who are available, who have no shifts assigned this week for eg, who has certain skills or who has working hours limits plus many more and you can then make further actions on your filtered list.

Once you have made your selection, you can make further actions using the Actions button. Selecting ALL by clicking the top box, or manually selecting those records you wish to action, choose which action to take.

Use these actions to email or send an App Npitifcation the selected Employees, create a Employee List and update various Employee fields such as Manager, Grade and Skills.

The Employee Record

The Employee Record includes a side bar containing basic details, contacts and notes and a main window with tabs for different displaying information.

Once in a record, cycle through Employees using the arrows button at the top of the window. This will cycle through all Employees shown on the main page. if filtered you can cycle through the filtered list. Click the Arrow to return to the main window.

The Side Bar

Locality: The region and area of the Employee. Inherited from Address. Essential for matching bookings to employees based on distance
Grade: More than grade can be added. Essential for matching to Bookings.
Manager: the admin user who is responsible for managing the Employee
Email: Staffing Manager will send emails to this email address
Phone: This should be a mobile phone number and can be used to send SMS
Address: Start typing an address and Staffing Manager will fetch a Google Maps address - select the correct address for maps and distances to be displayed
Notes: The Notes section and a contact log can also show information from Recruitment Manager and Learning Manager (if used). Use the filter icon to choose which information to show.

Click Deactivate to suspend the User. They will no longer be able to be matched to Bookings until made Active again.

The Main Employee Record

The Overview tab gives at a glance information on the employees working history, client scores and withdrawal history. The row along the top shows shifts booked and availability each day for the next 3 weeks.

The Availability tab shows the Employees days available to work alongside Bookings already confirmed or worked. It is linked to the Employees Qintil App where they can add and edit their own Availability.

The Calendar shows their Bookings as green dots under the date. Orange dots mean an offer has been made but not accepted.

The Availability selector shows dates and shift times the Employee has chosen to be available for Bookings. Yo can add or edit these if you speak to the Employee to override their own entries. These will update on their Qintil App. Confirmed Bookings are shown next to the day.

The Offers tab shows which bookings are showing to the employee in their app.

The Skills tab lets you add Skills for the Employee that match with Client Requirements.

The Bookings tab displays a list of all bookings for the Employee, including requested, pending and confirmed.

Click on Actions to send an email to the Employee with selected shifts

The Timesheets Tab shows all timesheets for the Employee.

Click on a timesheet to view it.
Select one or multiple timesheets and click Actions to email selected timesheets.

The Clients tab includes information of Work History and Excluded Clients.

Work History shows the number of times the Employee has worked at a Client. If rated, the average star rating will be displayed next to the Client.
Add Exclusions to prevent Employees from being matched to Bookings at the Client. You can choose to add a reason for the Employee being excluded.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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