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Creating Custom Reports

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

Create custom reports that run automatically and then get sent to your inbox

You will probably have defined reports that you need to run regularly.  To make it easier, you can create and save custom reports so that you can quickly run them again or have them emailed to you automatically.

How to create a custom report

Go to the Reports tab and you will be redirected in the reports dashboard.

At the top of each report is a reports filter.  To create a custom report, click on Customise and enter multiple parameters to get the data you need.

Click Save As, enter a name for your report and choose to make it available to other members of your team as well,

How to set up auto-run reports and receive them as an email

Return to the reports dashboard and select a specific saved report.

Choose a notification period from the dropdown.  Clicking will automatically save your selection.

You'll now receive the report as an email at the interval you chose!

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Updated on: 26/05/2022

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