Add courses to teams of learners, set compliance status like mandatory, required and recommended.

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

You can use Qintil to assign courses to groups of learners (teams or departments) and automatically set a compliance requirement.

Go to the Courses tab and click on Assign to teams / Departments.  You will see a list of all your courses and departments.

Click on the availability status of the course in the department, and use the drop-down list to select “Mandatory / Required”, "Recommended", "Voluntary" or "Not Available"

Tip:  You can choose to use either the word Mandatory or Required for courses that your learners must complete to be compliant.  Learn how to change it here.

After choosing the setting for the course in the department you don’t need to save it manually, it does so automatically, and you can change this setting at any time in the future.
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