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How to add new Learners

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

How to add new learners individually or by bulk upload

Learners are added to Qintil using an email address which can be a work email or a personal email. Once learners are added, they are not live on your account until the invitation is accepted.

Add learners by bulk upload

Go to the Learners tab

Click on the three buttons aligned vertically on the right of New Learner button. Then select Import.

Choose an import method — connect to a Local File, Google Workspace or Microsoft Account and follow the instructions.

Add users individually

Go to the Learners tab, click the + New Learner button.

Fill out the form and click Add Learner

Once a user has been invited, they will appear in your User list with the Invitation Pending notice in red.

Resend an invitation

If a user has not accepted an invitation, you can easily resend the invitation.

Go to the user's card and click Invitation

A pop-up will show and click the Send


If they already have a Qintil account — _they can link it to your organisation.
If they do not have a Qintil account they will need to create one using an email address or a social media account such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Please send us a message in the chatbox located at the bottom right of the website if you will have any questions.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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