Learn how to upload documents and links from third party websites and assign them to your team to read

Upload documents or files from your computer or URL links which can be viewed and read by Users, then assign availability to different departments or teams.

In Qintil, Docs allows you to upload documents or files that you want to be read by your Users. For
example, you may want to upload policies, regulations, schedules or tasks. The document can be set as
‘required’ or ‘available’ then assigned to chosen departments or teams. You can also manage the
compliance reminder email settings.

Creating Documents

To create a document, click on Documents in your admin dashboard.

Create a file name for the document, then choose the file to be uploaded. You can also choose to use a URL instead of uploading a file if your file is already hosted somewhere that is accessible by your team.

There is a limit storage (ex. 500 mb) for the uploaded documents, contact Qintil supportif you require more storage.

Create a category name, add a description if you like, choose availability for departments or teams and
choose the department or team required to read the document. Hit ‘save’.

The uploaded files will appear in your document library and on the profile of the Users. It will appear as
‘required’ or ‘available’ on their side.

Viewing Read Statistics

You can view who read the document(s)you have uploaded. In the document library, hover to the file and click:

This will show the table of names required to view the document and the table of whom the document is available for.

You can see the name of the user, the user’s department and the status of the document; ‘Read’ if
opened by the user and ‘None’ if the user has not viewed it yet.

Editing or updating and deleting documents

To edit or update the document, click:

You can upload a new file if you want to replace the current file, change file name, change category
name or availability.

To delete the document, simply click:

Your file will then be deleted.

Setting compliance reminder emails

You can manage the compliance reminder emails settings for the documents you upload.

Go to ‘Organisation’ in your admin dashboard.

In the ‘Organisation Preferences’ tab, then click ‘Compliance Reminder Email Settings’.

Once you have clicked it, it will display the compliance reminder emails options.

You can choose the email frequency, how often the compliance reminder emails for documents will be sent to the Users, in the drop down menu on the top of the page.

To include the compliance reminder emails for Documents, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You must tick the box to include the ‘Unread Documents’ in the compliance reminder emails and you can also edit the email content. Once you are done, hit ‘Save’.

If this does not help you or if you have any questions, speak to us using the blue chatbox located in the bottom of the website.
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