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Set and Manage Checks and Licenses Requirements

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

You can use Checks to request vaccine records, police checks or any other documents you require from your learners.

Learn how to set and manage checks and licences requirements

You can use Qintil to manage your organisation's compliance for employee checks and licenses such as evidence of professional registration, police check or visa.  You can then report on the compliance and expiry date for your entire organisation, and Qintil will remind your users when they need to replace an expired document.

Creating a requirement

Click Checks in your admin dashboard to set up a check or license requirement

Click +New Requirement then add a requirement name.

Select a Category from the drop down menu such as Police Check, License or Registration, Visa, Vaccination, and Other.

Add a Description for the requirement and select whether you would like the users to add the Record Expiry Date or the Record Issue Date. You may also opt to add number of months until the document expiration.

Add the teams in your organisation that you are requiring to submit the document and click Save.

Your requirements will show in Qintil for those users in the teams you have selected, and they'll also be alerted by email about a new Check requirement.

Viewing Users Checks and Licenses

Go to Users tab

Search the user and inside the User Card, there is an extra box showing the checks and licenses that they're required to submit.

Click on an item to view the record or uploaded document and reject it if you wish. If you reject a document, the user will be required to upload another document.

Mini-dashboard for reporting

On the top portion of the main Checks page, you will find four different sections that you can click to access some information for reporting.

Compliant Users

This section would show you a quick view of the assigned users who are compliant in their check submission. If you have a lot of users there is a search field you can use to search a particular user's compliance information.

You can also view the user's check information from this section as well as edit them by clicking the Edit button. You also have an option to Reject a check that has already been verified here.

Verified Checks

This section would show you assigned users whose checks were already verified. Similar to the Compliant Users section, you can also view, edit and reject the verified check.

Awaiting Verification

Assigned users' submitted checks that needs your verification can be found in this section. All information about their submitted check and the file they've submitted can be viewed before you click the Reject or Verify button.

Expiring Soon (next 30 days)

You can find checks that are about to expire in the next 30 days in this section. You can also view, edit, or reject a check here.

Reporting on Checks and Licenses

Go to Reports tab

Scroll down to the bottom page to view Checks and Licenses reports

There are 2 default Checks and Licenses reports:

Uploaded right to work items in a defined period: Shows all the documents that have been uploaded against your requirements.
Right to Work Items due to expire in a defined period: Shows you all of the items that are due to expire soon.

Click Add custom report to create a customised report based on the organisation's needs

Clicking on a name or item in these reports will display a pop-up with the document for you to view.


Updated on: 04/07/2021

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