Ask your Users to upload their checks and licenses, then report on compliance and send alerts when documents are about to expire

You can use Qintil to manage your organisation's compliance for employee checks and licenses.  For example, you can ask your colleagues to upload evidence of a professional registration, police check or visa.  You can then report on the compliance and expiry date for your entire organisation, and Qintil will remind your users when they need to replace an expired document.

Creating a requirement

To set up a check or license requirement, click on Checks in your admin dashboard.

Choose a category, give your requirement a name, add a description if you want to and then choose which of your teams or departments the requirement should apply to.

Your requirements will show in Qintil for those users in the teams you have selected, and they'll also be alerted by email that they have a new Check requirement.

Viewing Users Checks and Licenses

In a User Card, there is now an extra box showing the checks and licenses that they're required to submit.

Clicking on an item will allow you to view the record, the uploaded document and to reject it if you wish.  if you reject a document, the user will be required to upload another document.

Reporting on Checks and Licenses

There is a new report available in your reports library

There are 2 default Checks reports:

Uploaded Items in a defined period:  shows you all the documents that have been uploaded against your requirements
Items due to expire in a defined period: shows you all of the items that are due to expire soon

As with all reports, you can edit and create your own reports and set them to run automatically.

Clicking on a name or item in these reports will display a popup with the document for you to view.

Your feedback

Checks is a brand new feature and we're keen to hear your feedback.  What do you like or not like about it, what features would you like to see added?

Let us know by dropping us a message in the chat box, or by emailing
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