You can archive users or delete their records entirely

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

When you need to remove a user from your organisation, you can archive them and retain their records, or you can delete their records entirely.

Since a user's Qintil account is their own, you cannot delete a user from Qintil (they can delete their account themselves if they wish to do so). 

But you can break the link between a user and your organisation, preventing the user to access your courses.

To remove a user, go to the Users tab and locate the user in the list.

Click on the name and it will take you to the User’s individual profile.

Simply click on Remove from Organisation.

The user will be archived in your organisation and will no longer be able to access your courses, but their certificates and course results will remain in their achievements folder. 

View Archived Users

To view all of your archived users, go to Users and click on Archived Users

You'll see a list of all users that have been archived.

You can then reactivate the user or delete them entirely

Deleting a Users Records

To comply with data protection rules, you may need to be able to delete a users records entirely upon their request.

Click the Delete button in this screen and your users records will be deleted completely.  This action cannot be undone.
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