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How to remove and a User to a team or department

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

Learn how to add or remove users and assign them to multiple teams or departments

There are 2 different ways of assigning/removing Learners from a department:

Click on the Users tab and locate the User in the list, then open his/her profile by clicking on the name

To assign the User to a new department, click on the Edit User in the user card, select from the list (you can add the user to multiple teams) and hit save

To remove a user from a department, just unclick the team/s.


Go to your Organisation tab

Click on the Users on the specific team/department.

A new window will then pop up where you can either remove and add a user in a department

To remove a user from a department, just unclick the check box

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Updated on: 20/06/2022

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