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How to reset a course for a Learner

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS. 

You can reset a course of the learner has failed and exhausted their attempts. To learn how to, please follow the instructions below:

Click your Courses tab and locate the Learner in the list. Click on the User’s name to open his/her individual profile.

Find the course by clicking the tab depending on which category the course belongs to namely the 'Mandatory, Recommended, and Refresher courses' from the list. Then click the three dots, and click on the 'reset' button to reset the course for the Learner.

After clicking on the 'reset' button, the course will be listed as 'Not Started' and the User will need to complete the lessons and quizzes again.

If you will encounter any issue, please send us a message in the chatbox at the bottom right of the website.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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