Classroom lets you set up and deliver classes using interactive video. You can create a Classroom course from the Courses menu and asking learners just like any other course, create multiple sessions of the same class and issue certificates for achievements.

Creating a Classroom video course

In the Courses section of Learning Manager, choose Add Course and the choose Online Classroom Course from the popup menu.

Choose a Course Type

Give your Course a name. Each course can have multiple sessions, so don't include information about dates or times here unless that's necessary.

In the Course Creation page, start by providing details about your course, upload a cover image, a description and details about prerequisites and compliance expiry period if required.

Click the the second tab to manage Achievement Settings such as certificate issuing.

On the final tab, you can create your course sessions and assign learners. Create your first session with a date and a time. Your learners will receive a calendar invitation to the course with a link to join. if you untick the 'Online Session' button, then the course will be created as a normal face to face course.

Add Sessions

Starting your class
Start a Class

With your learners invited, you can start your class from the course sessions page. As the presenter, choose to enable your microphone before you start the class.

Enable your microphone

Your learners will Jon the class using their unique link, and will be visible to you in the screen. They can choose to activate their webcam or not. As a presenter, you can manage different aspects of your class.

Classroom Presenter View

Upload a presentation or share your screen
Draw on a whiteboard or annotate your presentation
Record the session

Use the panel on the left of your screen to chat to users, create quizzes or polls or mute a user.

Course Settings

Click on the 3 dots menu icon at top left to change your settings, view Help and to end the course.
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