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Introducing your Qintil Learning Manager

Understand the theory behind Qintil, the basic structures and system

Our goal at Qintil is to help organisations find, deliver, track and share learning and skills: better.  We also help learners to keep a single record of all their achievements in one place to share with current and future employers.

Qintil was created for everyone, but built around the individual, and it's important to understand that before you start using Qintil for your organisation.

The relationship between the learner and your organisation

When you add a colleague to your Qintil account you aren't, unlike in most learning management systems, creating a single instance of their corporate learning in your corporate account.

Rather, you are inviting them to connect their Qintil account to your organisation's Qintil account.

If they do not already have a Qintil account — we call it a Qintil ID, then they can easily create one using any email address or a social media account.

If they already have a Qintil ID, then they can accept your invitation to connect, and gain access to your learning resources.  (You can easily and instantly remove them from your account, too, by the way)

They can also share their current and previous learning with you, so you can see what they know and what certificates, licenses, and qualifications they hold.

They can also request a course exemption if, for example, they already did a course that you need them to do, in the last 12 months at a previous employer.

If you accept it, that saves you, and your colleague, time and money.

Courses in Qintil

So, this whole thing is nothing if we don't have courses.  Fortunately, we do. Again, we do things differently.

We want you to be able to pick and choose a course curriculum that suits you and your learners.
Have different course types for different learner types.
Add e-learning, videos, classroom courses.  Let colleagues upload their own course they did outside of work.

This is learning freedom.

Qintil Marketplace or CourseStore lets you find and add loads of courses from loads of providers (we're growing our range globally).

Got you own?  Lets' add them.  Use our authoring tool, or add a video.

Compliance management

Training or skills compliance is baked right into Qintil.  We help you understand how compliant you are, and we put the responsibility for getting and staying compliant on your colleagues.

We have loads of ways to help them and you.

Get started

Ok, lets get stuck in.  If you need some help, we're here.  Click on the chat icon to talk to us, or send an email to

Happy learning!

Updated on: 13/09/2019

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