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Rate Cards

Rate cards are pre-set pay and charge rates that can be applied to clients and to parent clients which can then be cascaded to all child clients. When a booking is created, Staffing Manager applies the correct pay and charge rate automatically. Rate cards can have effective dates allowing you to set rate changes in advance.

One rate card can be the Primary rate card. This rate will be applied by default to all bookings unless another rate card is chosen.

Creating a rate card

In settings, click on Rate Card presets.
Click Add Preset and name your rate card in the popup dialogue
The rate card will have a default effective date - you can change the date so that the rates will apply only from a date you set in the future.

Click Add Grade and choose one of the grades to enter pay and charge rates for. You can choose to copy rates from another grade that you've already entered.

Enter the pay and charge rate for each shift. The shifts are inherited from the Shift Times in Settings.

Continue to add grades and enter the pay and charge rates for each shift until complete.

Click save to make the rate card live.

Creating a new version

if you want to change the rate card you can create a new version.

In Rate Card Presets, click edit next to the rate card you want to change. Click Add Version to create a new rate card and set the effective date.

After you have entered all the rates and click Save, the rate card will be applied automatically for bookings on or after that date.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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