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Managing Grades

Grades are job roles that employees can have. They can have more than one, and are used to match employees to shifts. Grades have additional settings you can choose to manage margin and other factors.

Add grades

1/ In Settings go to the Grades section.
2/ Click Add Grade

3/ Enter a Grade Name - this is the basic name you'll refer to the grade as.

4/ Enter a Role Name (optional) - if the grade has another name specific to the role you can choose to enter this here

5/ Choose Implied Grades - If the grade can be worked by employees who have other grades, you can choose these here. And one or more. Then when you match bookings to employees, those with all grades implied will be matched.

6/ Set Overhead Percentage - in order to provide a rough estimate of expected margin for a booking you can enter employment costs such as pension and employers taxes that you have to pay on top of a basic hourly rate. Expressed as a percentage, this amount will be calculated and added to each booking hourly rate to display the estimated margin.

Edit grades

In the grades list, click Edit to make changes. You can change the name, role name and implied grades at any time.

Whilst you can edit any Grade, you can not delete a grade that is in use with an existing or past booking. You may delete any grade that has not yet been used.

If you change the Overhead Percentage, margin estimates will be updated for all future bookings but bookings created in the past will retain the original margin estimate.

Updated on: 30/06/2022

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