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Manually set course completion for classroom and external courses

This article applies to ADMINISTRATORS.

How to set course completions for non e-learning courses

If a course is not an e-learning course, the learners' progress can not be recorded automatically - you must set it as complete.

You can do this individually or in bulk.

Set completions in bulk

Go to the Courses page and you'll be taken to the course page

Find the course you want to set completions for and click on the blue calendar icon

Once on the page, listed below will be all the users assigned to the course. Click the top tick box to Select All, and the select or de-select the users you want to set complete.

Choose the date of the completion, and select Apply to selected users.

If a previous date has been set , from last year for example, the new date will over-ride it.

Set completions individually

Go to the User tab and choose the user you want to manage.

Find the course in their Available Courses card.  If it is a classroom or external course, there'll be a small calendar icon next to it.

Click the calendar icon to open the date picker and set the completion date.

A list of previous completions will appear above.

Previous Completions

You can now expand the course and view who set it complete and when.

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Updated on: 19/08/2019

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