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Qintil Course Manager

Qintil Course Manager

Course Manager is a feature in Learning Manager you can use to create, edit and manage courses for your organisation.

Create a new course

To create a new course, simply select Create New Course on the top part of the page.

You will then be able to customise your course. Upload the Course Image then edit the Course Title and Course Code.

On the lower part of the course customisation page, you will find three tabs: Lessons, Assigned Learners, and Certification Settings.

On the Lessons tab, add an introduction then select Add Lesson.

A small box will appear showing the types of lessons that can be added.

For a guide on the different types of lessons that you can add to your course, please refer to this helpdesk article:

Assign the course to learners

You can assign the course to a team or a specific learner in your organisation under the Assigned Learners tab.

Course Settings

In Course Settings, you can set up the Compliance Expiry of the course and the Maximum Quiz Attempts the learners are allowed before it gets blocked.

If you would like to issue a certificate when learners complete the course, Just tick the Issue Certificate box and select Save.

Do not issue a certificate for courses completed on an external website.

Find a course in the Qintil Course Store

If you wish to add a course from our course store, just click the "Find a Course in Course Store" button and you will be routed to our course store for you to browse our selection of courses.

Assign Courses to Teams

You can also assign multiple courses in your course list to your teams by clicking the Assign to Teams button.

Once you're on the Assign Courses to Teams page, you can find all the courses in your course list to the left column and assign them to your teams that you can find on the top row of the page.

Updated on: 22/01/2021

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