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Set up Ratings and Feedback

Course Ratings and Feedback

Course Ratings and Feedback will allow learners who have completed the course to leave their rating and feedback. This would also let users read ratings and reviews.

To set up Ratings and Feedback, go to the Courses Menu and look for the course you would like to set up this feature.


To add ratings to your course, just click the enable button in the Ratings section. Enabling the ratings would ask all learners to rate the course for quality, clarity, and learning objectives after completion. The average rating will be visible to all learners who have access to the course.


To add a feedback questionnaire, there is also an enable button that you can click in the Feedback section. These questions will be asked after the learner has completed the course and the answers will only be visible to course authors. Learners have the option to answer feedback questions anonymously.

To add a feedback question, select the "Add Question" option and type in your feedback question. You can then select the feedback question type from Thumbs Up/Down, Star Rating, Slider, and Open Question.

Ratings and Feedback After Course Completion in Learner Portal

After the course completion, the learners would see a "Rate this Course" button that they can click to submit their ratings. A small pop-up window with the following questions below will then appear for them to rate from 1 up to 5 stars:

"How would you rate the quality of the learning material?"

"Was the course material easy to understand?"

"Did you accomplish your learning objectives?"

Learners may also skip the rating if they choose not to participate in giving feedback and rating for the course.

Updated on: 12/07/2022

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