Understanding the courses page, how to add, edit and delete courses

Your Courses page in Qintil is where you can view, add and manage all of your organisation's courses.

Your menu options are:

Add Course - add an online, classroom or video course
Assign to teams / Departments - assign your courses to teams / departments
Course Exemption Requests - see, approve or decline your learners exemption requests

Your Course list

All of your organisations courses are listed below the menu.  Note that if the course is displayed here, it does not mean that it is available to all learners.  To do this, it must be assigned to a team / department or individual learners.

To see how many assigned users the course has, and its activity, hover over the Chart icon beneath the Assigned Users column.

Setting completions for Classroom or External Courses

If a course is a classroom or external third party course (i.e. it is not an e-learning course), you must manually set completions once learners have done the course.

If it is available you'll see a calendar icon next to the course.

Click the blue calendar icon to go to the completions page.

Edit a course

Click on the pencil icon next to a course to edit its settings or description

Delete a course

To delete a course from your library, click on the red cross icon.
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